C.I.T (cash in transit) & VIP Protection

Cash In Transit

Ideal for all financial, casino, property and retail institutions, PEL Security utilises effective strategies and state-of-the-art technology,  

Backed by a hands-on management approach, to offer unsurpassed cash management and asset management solutions.

All cash-in-transit operations are managed from the various custom-designed Control Centres.

All staff undergoes stringent vetting and training of procedures, are registered with PSIRA,

are fully certified and have undergone training in all the necessary driving skills.

VIP Protection

PEL’s agents have years of experience providing reliable protection for all kinds of people in the spotlight:

  • famous entertainers & celebrities
  • news correspondents
  • athletes
  • diplomats

More Than a Bodyguard Service, You Get Comprehensive VIP Protection

PEL Security provides you more than celebrity bodyguard services. Our belief is that the best VIP protection security is based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals.

We’ve found that most people do not like the “mob” effect of protection that seeks to smother or cover the protected person with a physical presence. Good protective work is seldom seen but always present, and has done its homework on venue risk, transportation routes, itinerary integrity, and is not easily flustered due to changes. We also take into account the style and specific needs of the person we’re protecting.